Something I never realized


I was driving the other day and heard this ☝🏻……..

I was overcome with emotion and thoughts and I wanted to share. 

So many of us go through life with grief, and this can come from so many things in life. Death, divorce, jobs, and the list can go on. The hard part comes in healing. However, some people don’t know where this is coming from. 

One month ago I sent my 16yr old son away for school and to play hockey. Now only going into grade 11 this was a big step……… The next couple of weeks after dropping him off were not the best for me. My husband kept asking what was wrong and I honestly could not explain or understand what I was feeling. 

I am sharing this because maybe someone needs to hear this……… Sit in your feelings, it will be hard but if you allow it you will find some meaning in what you are feeling. 

I was experiencing loss, and this was a big trigger for me and I did not even know it. My mind and body were reacting to my son leaving as a loss. This came from the death of my first husband. This was also the first time I had expected these feelings.  

So always remember to reach out, sit in your feelings and most importantly embrace where you are at……..



What if we all come out of this with something we did not have before? I know its hard to think now, but what if we look at this a bit different………


We all come out with more respect 

We all have more appreciation for what we have 

We share a deeper love for someone 

We are better cooks 

We are more patient with our kids 

We support Local business more

We work on our self love a little more 

We have a better marriage 

We took more time with the people we love 

We value the little things in life

We don’t take our lives for granted 

WHAT IF we all come out of this just better people. Can you imagine how amazing our world could be if we all take this time to change for the positive. 

Now we understand that this may be hard to think about, however the power of positive thinking can be so amazing. 

So let’s all share, be kind, support each other, connect with others and most importantly be kind to ourselves. 


Take Time for that Coffee

SLOW DOWN AND SMELL THE COFFEE……… Ladies guess what LIFE is busy and so crazy. But we don’t have to follow in the path that us as women feel is paved for us. We don’t have to ALWAYS be busy, we don’t ALWAYS have to be doing something. We are all doing the best we can and doing it with GRACE…….
Life is not a competition of who is more busy, its not about how has more shit going on………. its about supporting each other and makingus all feel like we are doing a KICK ASS job at life.
And guess what……Ask for the help, make time for you to go for coffee, don’t be scared to admit that you are struggling with balance. IT IS OK TO NOT BE OK………..Like we say surround yourself with people who will notice you need help and jump in without being asked.

Can you imagine what our world would be like if we all supported one and other? If all the judgment stopped? If we stopped thinking  we were better than other women? And we decided that we are going to run this world so full of love and ready to help others……… What does that look like???

Tell us your thoughts!! How can we all work together??

Validation & Accidental and Intentional Growth

Throughout my life I have always struggled with validation of others…… What they though of me, what they thought about what I was doing and the list goes on.  Now looking at where I am today I can’t imagine my life if I had continued to listened to my thoughts…….. Now this also took me A LOT of therapy with one of my biggest mentors Laura Pageau. 

  • If I had of stayed in my head I would never gotten the word “IMPACTFUL” TATTOOED on my arm for everyone to see.
  • if I stayed in my head I would not been given this amazing opportunity to be the opening speaker for The birds papaya .*
  • if I had of stayed in my head I would never received the amazing messages  from other women THAT I INSPIRE THEM.

Ladies, this growth journey for me has been FULL FORCE the last couple months. I have had some of the most amazing connections with people, all because I put myself out to the world. Could you imagine if you decided to do one thing a day to become the best version of you…….. WHERE WOULD YOU BE????

      * What if you stopped telling yourself you can’t do it.

*What if you looked at all the things that brought you joy and grew from that.

* What if you put yourself first.

*What if you became selfish so everyone around you could be better.

* What if you knew your self worth, and did something you have always wanted        to do.

* What if you stopped thinking about who you want to be and focus more on who you know you don’t want to be.

To do your WHAT IF’s you need to figure out your WHY? 

  • WHY do you want to change 
  • WHY do you want to be better to yourself 
  • WHY do you wake up everyday with a purpose 
  • WHY do you want to grow 

I have recently been reading the book “ The 15 invaluable laws go growth” by John Maxwell and it has been a bit mind blowing. So I want to share something with you……….. You can decide What you are and what you need to work on. GROWTH is such a big statement and most people don’t know whereto start……… So here is a start, accidental and intentional growth.


-Plans to start tomorrow 

-Waits for growth to come 

-Learns only from mistakes 

-Depends on good luck 

-Quits early and often 

-Falls into bad habits 

-Talks big 

-Plays it safe 

-Thinks like a victim 

-Relies on Talent 

-Stops learning after graduation 


-Insists on starting today 

-Takes complete responsibility to grow 

-Often learns before mistakes 

-Relies on hard work

-Preservers long and hard 

-Fights for good habits 

-Follows through 

-Takes risks 

-Thinks like a learner 

-Relies on character 


Check mark beside the things you know you are. When you determine who you are let’s grow from that.

Here are a few things that have really resonated with me lately…………

  • Life is not happening to you, its happening for you 
  • We need to learn how to find gratitude in all aspects of our life.
  • We should never need someone else to make us happy.
  • If we are not growing we are dying 
  • Dreams are free, goals are not…… 
  • You need to be so full of self love that you never have to seek out from anyone.
  • Our choices will be our kids consequences 
  • AND MOST IMPORTANT………. Our past does not define us and our current situation is not our final destination 

These are just a few quoted from Trent Shelton, Rachel Hollis John Maxwell and so many more.

So I guess what I am trying to say is #beyoudoyou because not one person on this earth has the power to take anything from you. Life happens for us not to us. Use your struggles as growth, I agree that we are all where we are in life for a bigger reason. You just have to take the time to figure that out.  

COMMENT BELOW WHERE IN YOUR GROWTH JOURNEY YOU ARE?? Are you ready to change and how do you think you can do this?

My New Tattoos

We all have that one thing that is our reminder of Growth………MINE IS TATTOOS!

I love to imprint the small reminders or words on myself so I can look down and see  how far I have come, and how far I still need to go. My 3 latest tattoos were done in Chicago by Rafael…..He has done 5 for me now. And I am in love with them. I want to share the meanings of them to you so you can understand.

The delicate tree……. 

I knew I wanted some sort of family tree, I wanted it to be different and unique to our family. This is the meaning of my TREE tattoo…………Start with the delicate tree as our foundation, we have all been through a lot and we are in constant growth. The 2 birds places in the tree are Joel & Carolyn, Chris and myself first spouses that both passes away. They sit in the tree to watch the other 7 birds fly and grow. 5 of the birds being our 5 children blended together and 2 being us. This tattoo is a constant reminder to spread our wings and show the world who we are. Find the greater purpose in understanding in our lives.


When I was at the RISE conference in Minneapolis by Rachel Hollis we went through some VERY powerful things……… One of the guided meditation exercises was to find our word…… The word that we want to live by. When I opened my eyes the first word that came to my mind was IMPACTFUL, So its only fitting that I get a constant reminder when I look at my arm of who I want to be. This word may have a different meaning to some, but to me it means MAKING A DIFFERENCE! I want to have a big impact on my life and my children life……and once I feel whole in that I will move forward and do BIG things in others lives. I want to make a difference, I want to show people that putting the work into yourself can be such a big part of GROWTH…….


Anchors are a symbol of things that hold us back……. again this can have different meanings for many people……. For me this is a symbol of change and growth, my anchor does not have a chain. I have released all the things that have held me down and worked on moving forward. I have released anger, sadness, hurt and most importantly for my purpose. We don’t have to liv in our past, this does not define who we are. We have to put in the work and wake up everyday with a bigger purpose. (My anchor happens to be on my middle finger, so when my next chained anchor comes along I can release it)




Here we are……… Our first blog post  on Motivation. The biggest thing we have learned in life is we can always stay where we are……..BUT WHY would we do that? So Lets take a hot min and talk about GROWTH (Marnie’s favourite  word) What is growth to us…………

Well we have learned that everyone has a past, a present and a FUTURE. So how do we become who we want to be??  As Jaime says we PLANT the seed and watch it grow.  We get it not everyone understands how to do this, neither did we… it takes work, hard work and if you’re not growing you are dying.

Now Marnie is the motivational junkie but that is not to say Jaime does not secretly love it.  So Where do you start…… This is what we want to teach you!!!  How we feel waking up with a bigger purpose can make a big difference. The point to this motivational section is to show you what we do……Not saying they are right but they work for us!!!

We always assume people are so put together………. Well, they are not!! There is no PERFECT person!! The people who seem to be  put together have worked……..Worked hard on themselves to get to where they are today!! Your current situation does not have to be your final destination.

We have to allow ourselves to go through hard times to discover who we are, to discover who we want to be!  The process of life is hard and not always fair, and I feel like that is what we struggle with. We spend do much time in the past feeling sorry for what we have been through or what is happening to us. But this does not serve us well or get us any farther ahead in life. I believe that you need to wake up as hard as it its with a bigger purpose and make the choice to beat this. We need to choose our hard, because we are in control of our hard, we are in control of where we want to go. No one else can do this for us.

They say that we are a resemblance of the 5 people we surround ourself with…….. This can either scar you or make you feel fulfilled. What does this look like for you?

I am a PODCAST junkie, and when I say this I mean I listen EVERYDAY!!When I feel down I listen, when I need to feel inspired I listen and when I need to feel Full I Listen!!! Here are a few of my Favourite podcasts:

  • Rachel Hollis “Rise”
  • Ed Mylett
  • John Maxwell
  • Jay Shetty

This is just to name a few!!!!

Xo Marnie

Lets Plant the seed

This is just the START





This word means something different to most women!!  So you need to decide what this means to you!!


I used to search for this word and I would always be unsuccessful. This was because I was looking at others and wanting what they had. Sadly I know so many of us do this………….How down over come wanting what someone else has……..You work hard on you!! If you can find the self love, then you will find the confidence you have been looking for!!


I have learned that my body is the way it is, I will never be 5’10 with crazy long legs and a long torso……. Because I am 5’7 and I am finally happy with my skin. We always want what someone else has…….. What if we work hard and love what WE HAVE!!  This is sometimes hard to do, however here is a little info for you……From the one and Only Ed Mylet….. We often give up. On hard things it takes to long. It does not happen over night. Some things take time to see, like 30, 60 even 90 days and sometimes longer. You need to be patient and believe in YOU. When good things happen its instant, but no one wants to stick around for the hard stuff.


I am seeing women put themselves out there on Social media and I LOVE IT!!! Showing our own perfect, Showing each other who we really are and most important showing ourselves that we are perfect just the way we are.


SO like I said Confidence means different things do different people and thats amazing………. #BEYOUDOYOU . To me Confidence means looking in the mirror and saying back to myself “YOU GOT THIS” You are who you are suppose to be and If you love yourself, others will love you back.  Wake up everyday with a bigger purpose, a bigger drive and 100% you will see things shift in your life.




My Wish For You

Since you didn’t have a blog post ready for the launch of the site, I’m going to steal this opportunity with a few words to the two of you.

I’ve had so much fun working with you from the start of your adventure and even in these short few months, there’s been a lot of laughs (and drooling) watching you grow and share your journey with us. I know in the little time you’ve been the Helmet Free Life girls, you have managed to not only entertain us and become local celebrities but you have made a positive impact on our lives – you’re changing the lives of women with your words of encouragement, inspiration, and spread of (self-) love.

I know that this is just the start of something magical and you only have but to grow from here – there are so many more lives to touch. May you continue to share life unfiltered including the best of the best and even the lows of the lows. You are strong, beautiful, powerful women, mothers, wives, and friends and my wish for you is to continue to share your message so other women can be too.

You two are perfectly imperfect and I can’t wait to see where this adventure takes you. Thank you for taking us along!


Christina xox