Something I never realized


I was driving the other day and heard this ☝🏻……..

I was overcome with emotion and thoughts and I wanted to share. 

So many of us go through life with grief, and this can come from so many things in life. Death, divorce, jobs, and the list can go on. The hard part comes in healing. However, some people don’t know where this is coming from. 

One month ago I sent my 16yr old son away for school and to play hockey. Now only going into grade 11 this was a big step……… The next couple of weeks after dropping him off were not the best for me. My husband kept asking what was wrong and I honestly could not explain or understand what I was feeling. 

I am sharing this because maybe someone needs to hear this……… Sit in your feelings, it will be hard but if you allow it you will find some meaning in what you are feeling. 

I was experiencing loss, and this was a big trigger for me and I did not even know it. My mind and body were reacting to my son leaving as a loss. This came from the death of my first husband. This was also the first time I had expected these feelings.  

So always remember to reach out, sit in your feelings and most importantly embrace where you are at……..